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Energy Savings Agreement

Joe Mumford Plumbing & Heating Company is proud to offer to our customers Energy SAVINGS Agreements . What is an Energy SAVINGS Agreement ? Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, water treatment equipment, and wells at our homes, just like our cars and bodies, require periodic examinations and checkups. But the family car has warning lights to alert you to potential problems, our bodies warn us in more uncomfortable ways. We have found that most homeowners do not have the time or expertise to spot potential problems, but our trained technicians do.

To aid homeowners in monitoring their plumbing, heating, air conditioning, water treatment, and well systems, Joe Mumford Plumbing & Heating Company offers our customers Energy Savings Agreements that periodically check the operation of each of your systems to spot those potential problems and lessen the probability for the need of emergency service. You have already made a large investment in your home, probably the largest amount of money you will ever spend in your life, so why not protect it? Call us today 530-878-2566 or 916-624-2191 to learn how to begin saving.

All Energy Savings Agreements (ESA) offer the following:

  • Greater efficiency and reduced operation cost
  • Prolonged equipment life
  • 15% discount on service
  • 10% discount on equipment
  • Preferred customer scheduling
  • Detailed reporting on the status of your equipment
  • Transferable service agreement
  • Renewable at the same price for up to three years

When you purchase any ESA , it includes free location and tagging of emergency shut-off valves for water main, water heater, gas main and all gas appliances.

As most of us know, getting a company to service something at our home or business is typically a difficult venture. Between finding a company available to meet your schedule or urgency and getting reliable service, most of us avoid this situation. Our Energy Savings Agreements are designed to alleviate all these difficulties, truly a win-win situation. Whether you’re concerned about Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Water Treatment, and/or Wells, you begin winning the moment you purchase an Energy Savings Agreement . Besides getting an immediate ESA discount on the work performed when you purchase the ESA , we will also perform a complete inspection of the specific equipment covered by ESA . During this inspection we look for potential or needed repairs and advise you of them. After this full inspection, you are given a copy of the inspection report for your records, for your system. This information is very valuable for any future service work done on your Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Water Treatment, or Well system.. It will assist you and your service technician in trouble shooting any problems. You will save money on repairs, prevent damage to your property and help expedite the repairs.

The original inventory list of your system is kept at our office in your customer file. When a service tech is called out to your home or business they are well advised of all types of plumbing products and systems that are installed at your home. The Technician can then bring replacement parts specific to your system. They will be prepared for the systems and fixtures at your home or business.

An ESA keeps you ahead of the coming repairs and this saves you time, money and helps protects your property. You can then schedule repairs according to your schedule and convenience. We provide our customers with an ESA , a preferred lower pricing plan for service work. This amounts to about 15% off of our standard pricing.

In essence, an Energy Savings Agreement is a small partnership between our customers and us. This partnership says that you the customer will allow us to keep up to date on your covered systems. This allows us to stock repair parts and train our service technicians for the systems our customers have. We can then also schedule during a convenient time for both parties. This makes for a win, win agreement for us and our customers.

Plumbing ESA Inspection

13 Point Plumbing Inspection: One visit per year:

  • Visual check of kitchen sink supply and drain lines
  • Visual check of bathroom sink supply and drain lines
  • Clean aerators (kitchen and bathroom sink faucets)
  • Inspect water heater connections
  • Check well pump operation
  • Check pressure switch and tank operation
  • Check pressure-reducing valve for City water
  • Inspect all faucets in house for leaks
  • Inspect all accessible gas connection for leaks
  • Inspect washer connections and accessible hoses
  • Inspect hose bibs
  • Check toilets for proper shut off
  • Check outside hydrant for leaks.


Heating & Air Conditioning ESA Inspections (Heating Inspection in the Fall / Air Conditioning Inspection in the Spring)

16 Point Heating Inspection (1 Visit Fall Season)

  • Clean burner and inspect heat exchanger
  • Clean and adjust thermostat, as required
  • Lubricate all motors, bearings, fans and circulators
  • Clean and adjust pilot assembly
  • Drain expansion tank or install customer-supplied air filters
  • Test and adjust pressure regulator
  • Test and adjust the operation of safety and operating controls
  • Inspect flue pipe and draft diverter
  • Monitor for combustion leaks
  • Test gas valve operation
  • Check blower motor (and belt, if applicable)
  • Test and tighten all wiring and connections
  • Adjust burner for maximum efficiency
  • Turn exposed dampers to heating position, if marked (balancing not included)
  • Inform customer of equipment condition
  • Inform customer on money-saving conservation measures.
  • Recommend necessary repairs

16 Point Air Conditioning Inspection (1 Visit Spring Season)

  • Lubricate all moving parts, such as the blower motor and condenser fan
  • Install gauges, record operating pressures and temperatures
  • Evaluate condition of air filters; clean and replace with customer-supplied filters
  • Measure refrigerant superheat to fine tune its charge
  • Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow
  • Inspect outdoor and indoor coils
  • Check blower motor (and belt if applicable)
  • Test temperature drop at return and supply air; adjust blower speed
  • Safety-test all controls for proper operation
  • Meter voltage and amperage in all motors; test for worn bearings
  • Test operation and condition of compressor contacts
  • Inspect, start and run capacitors and relays for bulges, rust and leaks
  • Tighten and safety-test all wires and connections
  • Clean thermostat and confirm proper operation, including mercury bulb
  • Inform customer of equipment condition
  • Inform customer of conservation measures to save money
  • Recommend necessary repairs

Water Treatment ESA Inspection (2 Visits per year/piece of equipment)

  • Document equipment
  • Check for leaks
  • Check transformers & wiring to controls
  • Clean injector orifice
  • Run system through each phase of operation
  • Check salt brine tank & valve for operation
  • Test for hardness, iron, and PH
  • Recommend additional or proper equipment for water condition
  • Inspect cartridge type filters (replacement additional)
  • Check sizing of equipment

Well ESA Inspection (1 Visit per year)

  • Document equipment
  • Inspect system for proper plumbing design
  • Shut down system & adjust captive air tank
  • Check starting & running amperage of motor in well
  • Clean all contactor surfaces
  • Check & adjust cut-in & shut-off of pressure switch
  • Inspect well seal
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Test for hardness, iron, PH, and TDS
  • Recommend additional or proper equipment for water condition
  • Inspect cartridge type filters (replacement additional)





Noritz: Your tankless water heater specialist

Noritz: Your tankless water heater specialist

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