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Garbage Disposals: Household Disposers

Joe Mumford Plumbing & Heating Co. prides itself in supplying our customers with the best products available, based on our 37 years experience. That’s why we carry a full line of InSinkErator Garbage Disposals.

They don't dominate a kitchen like a massive refrigerator. They don't feature elaborate control panels like a microwave oven. But InSinkErator food waste disposers take their rightful place of honor in kitchens around the world. Day after day, perhaps more often than any other appliance, they bring convenience and practicality to everyone in the home.

InSinkErator food waste disposers are the best-selling brand in the world, and with good reason: they're the easiest disposers to install and they provide the greatest peace of mind. All models offer these exclusive features:

Dura-Drive Induction Motor
These powerful, heavy-duty motors are manufactured by InSinkErator to exacting specifications that help ensure high performance and long life.

Quick-Lock Sink Mount
Available only from InSinkErator, this "twist-on, twist-off" sink mount makes installation fast and easy, no matter what disposer you're replacing.

We Come To You In-Home Service Warranty
At InSinkErator, we handle your service problems at your convenience, in your home.

Joe Mumford Plumbing & Heating Co carries the InSinkErator Badger® line of food waste disposers which are a reliable and functional choice when affordability is the prime concern. Choose from three models, each with a space-saving compact design.

If you prefer a higher level of grind performance, and significantly quieter operation, check out the Evolution™ Series Disposers.

Evolution Excel™

The incomparable Evolution Excel™ is as stylish as it is capable, taking the art and science of food waste disposal to a new level. It handles more volume, more foods, and more challenges than anything that preceded it while cutting noise levels by at least 60% over standard disposers. Its three-stage grind technology allows you to grind almost any food waste.

Evolution Essential™

The model that fits the widest range of customer needs, Evolution Essential™ features MultiGrind™ to grind everything from celery to potato peels, and SoundSeal™ technology for quiet performance.

Evolution Compact™

The space-saving Evolution Compact™ includes two grind stages and is 40% quieter than a standard disposer. Its perfect for small households or restricted cabinet space.

Evolution Cover Control™

The Evolution Cover Control™ delivers all the great features that set the Evolution Series™ apart, plus an extra margin of assurance. Activated by the magnetic CoverStart™ Switch, it runs only when the cover is on.

Evolution Septic Assist™

Designed specifically for septic systems, the Evolution Septic Assist™ features Bio-Charge®, an automatic injection of microorganisms to help break down food waste.


Call us to see which garbage disposal is right for you.




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Noritz: Your tankless water heater specialist

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