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Sewer & Drain: Camera & Locating

C o l o r Video Sewer & Pipeline Inspections




We will provide you with a
VHS Video Tape
of the inside of your pipes


Video Inspection
Can Help You



  • Offset Joints
  • Broken Pipes
  • Protruding Lateral
  • Off Grade Pipe
  • Leaking Joints
  • Recessed Taps
  • Cracked Pipe
  • Root Obstruction
  • Blockages
  • Corrosion
  • Infiltration
  • Collapsed Pipe
  • House and Service Laterals
  • House Clean-outs
  • Drain Lines
  • Septic Tank Lines
  • Vent Stacks
  • Floor Drains
  • Water Lines
  • Yard Drains
  • Utility Ducts
  • Service Conduits
  • HVAC Ducts
  • Chimneys, Flues and Boilers





"The video Inspection system is the best, nondestructive way to look into your piping systems"

Joe Mumford Plumbing & Heating Co. uses a C o l o r drain, sewer and pipeline TV/Video Inspection system for surveying all sizes of pipe diameters.

Ever wonder what it is that is always giving you the same problem? 

  Now you can wonder no more. 

With our video system we can look right at the problem and consult with you on the best way to solve it. Also, every time we do an inspection, we can, for an extra charge, videotape the inside of your pipe and give you the tape to study your problem or what might give you a problem in the future. 


  • We also are able to locate and trace underground pipes with our special radio transmitter tracking device.





Noritz: Your tankless water heater specialist

Noritz: Your tankless water heater specialist

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Free $ for our satisfied customers

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